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Advantages of Steel Roofing

When it comes to roofing, most roofing materials have an expected lifespan. At or near the end of this lifespan, you will need to have roof replacement work done. In the case of metal or steel roofing however, some types of metal roofs have lasted up to 100 years.

Most roofing manufacturers offer up to 50-year warranties on metal and steel roofing. This is a strong and durable material that won’t get holes and leaks like other roofing materials. While metal roofs may be slightly more expensive than regular asphalt shingle roofs, they make up for this by not needing roof replacement as often as shingle roofs.

A metal roof can also save energy because it deflects the sun’s heat away from the building in the summer, unlike asphalt roofs which heat up and let some of this heat into the house. Some metal roofs are responsible for up to 40% savings in cooling costs in the summer. Although you might expect this type of roofing to be heavy and weigh down the building’s structure, it is actually lightweight.

Steel is the most common and preferred type of metal roofing, but there are several types. These include:

  • Copper – This is the oldest roofing material.

  • Tin – This is an underused material.

  • Zinc – This is the most environmentally-friendly of the metal roofing materials.

  • Aluminum – This material reacts instantly to weather conditions.

Although all options are available, the popular and most widely used metal roofing material remains steel.

Metal roofing has many advantages. First of all, this type of roofing requires no maintenance. It also comes in several different styles which you can choose from. This makes it popular in newer homes of people who want their homes to have a distinctive look.

Test of strength

Metal roofs are strong and able to hold up against harsh weather conditions that would devastate other roofing materials. Some conditions metal stands strong against include:

  • Mildew

  • Snow

  • Rain

  • Hail

  • Strong winds

Metal is also resistant to a non-weather-related menace and rodents. Unlike asphalt roofs, rodents are unable to damage a metal roof. It also has the best fire resistance qualities.

With steel roofs, the higher the gauge, the thinner the roofing material. It’s less costly than some metal roofing materials like aluminum and has more strength. It is also naturally fire resistant and unlike metals like aluminum, it doesn’t require an additional underlay to make it so.

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